Home Again plus Cousin Pics

It’s Monday. I’m back home in Utah getting back into the groove of normal life. My sister, Jessica is home from the hospital stabilized but still blacking out. It was hard to leave her with so many questions unanswered but there was really no choice and nothing else for me to do. So homeward bound I went leaving my mom behind to help take care of Jessica and her kiddos.

While we were still in Idaho, we managed to get all the kids out of the house, dress in clean clothes (which was quite the feat by itself,) and headed up to the BYUI Gardens for a photo shoot. I had forgotten about this beautiful little place. It was the perfect backdrop for our cousin pictures. I attended Ricks College way back when… and I have sweet memories of the place. I specifically remember sitting under the trees and writing my missionary who was off in Italy. Dreaming of my future life. I also dated a cute Horticulture Major who created a romantic dinner amongst the shrubbery. Ah, young love. I didn’t marry that missionary or the Horticulturist, by the way.

Oh yea, back to the present…

We really wanted to to take advantage of having all of the grand kids together. Jessica is usually the photographer in our family and I really don’t know what I was doing no matter how many pins I look at about photographing kids and photo composition. My biggest challenge was trying to convince all the kids to smile at the same time. They weren’t very cooperative and I could barely get them to sit still for half a minute.

IMG_4043 b

Here is everyone in order of birthdays. I think it’s cute even if no one is looking at the camera.

IMG_4063 b

The kids really just wanted to run around and explore all the fun little areas that have there. Castles and fancy walls and little water features. I tried to follow them around and get shots that could go up on Grandma’s wall (because my group shots were pretty much a major failure.)

Grandma’s girls.

IMG_4180 b

Emma turned out to be my best smiler. Is that a word? smiler?

IMG_4106 b


IMG_4113 b

These two turkeys weren’t cooperative at all.

IMG_4125 b

At the end of the day I realized Leah had her dress on backwards the whole time! Bah, I’m awesome like that. I should have done something nicer with her hair than just brush it. Sheesh.

IMG_4144 b

My sweet boy.

IMG_4161 b

This little guy gave me some decent shots.

IMG_4224 b


I wanted to get a shot of just my kids. It was a total flop. Sam was completely done with all and any photo taking at this point. Boo hoo!

IMG_4133 b

Here’s my little sis with her darling red head. (Can I have one of those?)

IMG_4245 b

So that’s it. I’m not sure I have any group shots that are good enough to go up on a wall. I might have to photoshop some heads and smiles on a few of our little rascals.

Oh well, I guess it’s the memory that counts.

The trip defiantly had it’s ups and downs. It was a good spending time with my nieces and nephews. My kids just adore them. Although things were crazy with Jessica it was still a good trip. I really hope my sister can figure out what’s going on with her health. Soon.

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  1. jodi
    October 23, 2012 at 9:48 am (5 years ago)

    Such cute pictures even if no one is cooperating. I didn’t realize Sabra had a red head. So much fun! So sorry to hear about Jessica. I hope her health returns to normal quickly. How scary! But how blessed she was to have you all there to help at this time in her life. Glad you are all safely home. Prayers for your sister.