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I have written about 5 posts in my head about how much I hate January. It is bleak. Dreary. Gloomy. Dismal. Desolate. Lonely. The only beauty there is, is when it snows and makes things look fresh and white, but if there is no chance of going out to play in it then I can’t help the sadness that creeps in and makes everything grey and icy. It’s been terribly cold lately. Unusually cold.

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The little kids and I have been sick-ish for a week and half. First it was a stomach bug and now it a deep chest cold. The coughing alone would scare anyone away for miles. I’m getting rather tired of it. I’d much rather be out and about but we are cooped up, quarantined and miserable. Jammies or over-sized shirts are the latest style these days. The kids have watched too much tv and I’ve watched way to many episodes of Merlin while sitting on the computer trying to make a dent in my scrapbooking. It’s not working. Sam has begun to hate this computer chair.

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I am trying to refrain from calling my mother every other hour to tell her how bored I am. She, having raised me and knowing me the best, knows how much of this is true. I am a caged animal when I am required to stay at home for multiple days in a row. It’s a hopeless situation in January. No prospects of things getting better for quite some time. The runny noses will never stop, the weather wont improve for months and there isn’t a darn thing worth looking forward too.

Ok, I guess it’s not so terrible. I’m being over dramatic. But seriously, this week has been no fun. If I was going to point blame on someone, I’d point right to Sam. It’s all about sleep. If I’m not getting a good amount of sleep… then I’m a beast. Sam’s sickness has ruined our sleep. I thought it was bad before, but it got worse. He’s been waking like a newborn at night. Ok, worse then a newborn. Ever other hour and no hope of rocking, nursing or bouncing back to sleep. He’s been a terror to get back to sleep. All miserable and hating his bed. It’s been a week of misery and mystery. Jeremy and I have been taking turns, grinning and bearing it. His cheeks are flushed from being sick but I did over do the photoshoping, they are not florescent pink.

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But really, I was determined not to complain to much. Hah. Let’s think positivity. Shall we think about all the things January is good for? Projects? Resolutions? Getting things done around the house?

Here is my little list of things I’d like to accomplish this month while we’re cooped up:

1. I really want to start on my second wing back chair. Has it really been a year? Anyone want to come over and help me pull out staples? Just make sure to bring your hand sanitizer.

2. I’m doing a modified version of this Sugar Detox. January is good for shedding a few pounds, right?

3. Finish scrapbooking 2011. The best time to crank away is when the weather is bad. I don’t like being more than a year behind and I’m stuck in the summer of ’11. I have a gazillion photos from our beach trip then. Ahh… the beach.

2011 summer pages

4. I’d like to put up some new templates for my shop. If I don’t make anything new, I wont sell anything, if I don’t sell, I can’t pay for hosting.

5. I’m going to start rock climbing regularly again next week. I’m hoping to be able to lead a 5.10C comfortably by the end of the month. Whoo hoo! Just that thought cheers me up.

bouldering problem

6. Organize one area of my house a week. Hah! Maybe next month.

That’s it. I wont make my list to long because I don’t want to be an overachiever or anything. Sheesh, maybe this will help me with my blues.

Tell me: What do you do to fight the winter blues? How do you get over your holiday hangover? Does cold grey skies affect your mood too? Are you a homebody and enjoy being locked up staying at home or do you have an itch to get out and have adventures? How do you cope with sick kiddos and bleak winters?

4 comments on Bleak

  1. jessica
    January 12, 2013 at 12:24 pm (4 years ago)

    Winter is poopy. It’s tooth-shattering cold here, though at least we have sunshine.

    My winter-blues fight is not very adventurous as I hate driving on the sheets of ice that make up our roads (no plowing here). We stay inside as much as we can, and read a lot.

    I still don’t have my Christmas taken down. Maybe next week…

  2. Sabra
    January 14, 2013 at 11:55 am (4 years ago)

    Hope you are all feeling better!! WIsh you could come enjoy our winter, but we still have been cooped up a little with this rain. I want to run around in the snow! I am a bit more content to stay home, though, and waste away time trying to come up with random schedules of productiveness that never get implemented. Haha. I just have a hard time starting projects. I wonder why that is??

    Anyway! Hope things are looking brighter up there! xo

  3. Manda
    January 15, 2013 at 2:04 pm (4 years ago)

    Hey, sisters! Thanks for the comments. Sorry about my sad and depressing post. I am feeling much better now. Everyone is on the mend, excluding the constantly runny noses, and things have picked up a bit to keep me busy enough. If I have some things to do then I can’t think about myself so much. I think that is key. Stop thinking about yourself and think of others. xoxo

  4. Caitlin
    January 16, 2013 at 1:07 pm (4 years ago)

    Hi there, stranger over in Oregon here! I’ve read Jessica’s blog for years and found my way over to yours. Do you take Vitamin D? I HAVE to take it in Oregon to beat the winter blues. They are terrible up here – grey, rain, cold…blah. I live for the outdoors – hiking, camping, running – so I know how being locked up inside can feel. Anyway, just thought I’d drop the tip. When you’re not getting vitamin D from the sun, you can feel lethargic, dull, and groggy. Good luck! Oh, and also, maybe planning something for Valentine’s Day to look forward to?? Tallyho!