OH NO!!! I just wrote a big long post on how our month of June is going and it’s gone. Completely gone.

I could cry. In fact, I think I will.

Ah, I was having a hard enough time sitting down to write it. Summer has just given me a big whollop on the head. Whatever that means. But it hasn’t been easy. It hasn’t been easy managing the 4 kids at home. ALL DAY LONG. They want constant friends, they want constant activities and make constant messes.

Arggg… Dear school, I secretly miss you.

It was quite unfortunate that our whole neighborhood went out of town on some fun-land-dream vacation the first week off of school and my poor kids were stuck pulling weeds and doing math facts because their mommy is trying to add some sort of structure to their day.

“I’m so bored” is all I’ve heard all month long dispite my efforts to go swimming and plan little park dates and such.

Spoiled rotten, I dare say. Is it all my fault?

Please forgive my sour attitude. It’s all because my lovely, sweet, well thought out post is has disappeared in stupid wordpress save-draft land. I clicked save draft and now it’s gone.

Here is a cute photo of Sam to cheer us all up.


It’s almost been a full month since I’ve written. Getting started back up again is going to be hard but I must.

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