Getting my Craft On

I know I’m due for a post and I’ve been thinking about it all week. I really need to get a new template fixed up and ready to share. I have a couple I’ve been thinking about using but they really are plain. More squares, anyone? I just have to remember that I’m not the only one who wants to throw on 100 pictures and call it good.


Yes, I realize lemonade is spelled wrong. I’m awesome like that.

March is flying by for me… and I’m SO happy since February felt like such a drag. The blossoms are out and the weather has been absolutely lovely. Hello spring!! It’s time for some fun, it’s time for a road trip, and I guess it’s time for lemonade stands.

*** *** ***

My sister’s kickstarter campaign is up and running for her new mermaid monofin. We are all so excited but especially my Emma girl because she’s in the videos. I had no idea what kickstarter was but it’s a neat way for brand new companies like hers to raise funds to manufacture cool products. You can watch the video below to find out more about it.

If you have a cute little swimmer in your life who’d love to swim like “A Real Live Mermaid!!” then now is the time to order a monofin from the kickstarter program. It’s a good deal and you get to back up her project and have good happy feelings that you are helping her out. If you know other little mermaids that might like one as well then I urge you to share it. One click can go a long way.

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This week I’ve had a major case of boredom. You know this is an issue of mine. There is plenty to do but nothing I want to do. I started rummaging around for a project to keep keep me busy and low and behold a dear sweet child of mine did a flip on the couch and kicked one of my picture frames down. It was a an old frame that I had glued together several times and I thought there was no point in gluing it again. Time to re-imagine a display for my instagram photos.


I went to Joanns and picked up a new white frame. This one was just an empty open frame with no glass. Perfect. I also bought a roll of cork and came home and glued it to cardboard cut to the size of the frame. I had no idea the cork would be so fragile so if you do this, be careful. I tore in several places but luckily I could glue it together really good and now you can’t even tell it’s torn in a few places. I had some cute push pins laying around and pinned up some instagram pictures. It made me want to order some new one and rotate them out more frequently. I think I’ll do that today.

Ta da! Project done.


Sorry, this picture isn’t that great a quality because I wasn’t planning on sharing it.

That project took me less than an afternoon so I soon needed another one pronto. I convinced my mom to go to the fabric store with me (it wasn’t hard -she loves fabric even more than me!) and browse around for some baby boy fabric. I really have no need for anything for this upcoming baby so it’s more fun than anything.


The funny thing about the fabric I choose was that when my mom and I walked into the store she pointed to this fabric and said “I really hate that line.” Hum, that kind of grabbed my interest. It’s from Cotton and Steel. I’d never heard about it but my mom, who is up to date with the fabric world said it was all over the internet. Again, my interested was piqued. Super modern and funky colors aren’t really my mom’s thing but after browsing around the store I ended up coming back to this line and wanting some of it. I didn’t want anything that screamed baby boy. Some thing more cool and funky. So this is what I ended up with.


I decided I wanted a new car seat canopy. I’ve made a bunch and kind of love and hate them at the same time. I eventually get sick of them and take them off when baby is old enough to not really need it. I’ve made the kind where you sew two pieces of fabric together, add straps and your done. I’ve made ones with minky fabric, rickrack or bows on top. The problem with this kind is they blow in the wind and fall in baby’s face. So I wanted to try one with elastic around the edges to keep it in place.

It wasn’t hard finding a tutorial on how to make one. It’s basically the same design as the flat ones but with elastic around the edges.

I also had a hard time picking just two fabrics so decided to piece it. I cut 5 inch squares and laid them out in a random pattern. 8 squares by 10 squares, to get the right dimensions.


I debated putting a window in it because I wondered if the elastic would make it hard to peak in at baby. Once I put the whole thing together I decided I didn’t need one because it’s still easy to lift up the sides and look in. The elastic is loose enough for that.

Sorry, the light isn’t so good in this pic. Basement + evening doesn’t make for good picture taking.


Done. We’ll have to see how baby and I like it. This project took an afternoon of fun shopping and less than a day of sewing.

Last night I was looking around for something else to do and figured I had some cute scraps to use up. Emma designed a stuffed monster for me and we started cutting and laying pieces out.


It’s not done, obviously, but it was kind of a fun little evening project with my girl. We decided that our monster kind of looks like a potato but maybe baby boy will like it. Ha!

I don’t have any stuffing on hand so another errand to Joanns is in order.

Hum… what should be next?

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  1. Debbie Grandma
    March 25, 2015 at 10:59 pm (2 years ago)

    Just to make this clear. You said, “she loves fabric even more than me” Haha. I do NOT love fabric MORE than I love YOU!! I love fabric more than you love fabric. That’s totally true. I never need to be convinced to go to a fabric store!
    Cute projects! What’s next?? xoxoxox