Spring Break in Moab

I’ve been looking forward to spring break for a while now. I’ve needed a little getaway and something to make time go faster as the countdown for this pregnancy drags on. We picked Moab Utah for our destination this year and started researching places to camp, hike and climb. We’ve been to Moab before, mostly in our college days for mountain biking trips, but there is a lot we haven’t done there. I soon found there was more to do than time we had to do it in.

Prepare yourself for information overload…

Here is my schedule of our final plans. We didn’t stick to it completely but it gave us a pretty good idea of things to do. I picked our favorite activities and tried to keep meals simple.


We had friends joining us for the trip and looking back now I wonder if most families enjoy more down time than we do. We are a go, go, go type family. We tend to really pack it in and get the most done. I’m thinking this makes for one exhausting trip if you’re not use to it. I don’t dare ask how the other family fared because they had some major mishaps (one involving food poisoning) but I think over all they had a great time.

I picked a campground along the Colorado River. It’s close to town but enough out of the way that you feel like you’re having a real camping experience. It had nice trees and a sandy ground that made sleeping comfortable enough. I worried about sand getting all over in the tent but it didn’t make for too much of a problem.

After setting up camp we wanted to explore up the road, Kane Creek, and check out the climbing there. We loaded in the car and drove and drove. The climbing wasn’t to be found and before we knew it we were headed up Hurray Pass which was absolutely fun and beautiful.


We turned around and finally found the climbing wall, Ice Cream Parlor, that we were looking for. We had a couple hours of day light left and put up a couple ropes and let the kids and grown up kids go at it.




The next day we had a slow start and decided to stop and check out a little tiny side canyon off of Kane Creek road called Moonflower Canyon. It was a darling little place and I dream of camping there. There were lizards galore for all the reptile lovers, petroglyphs for the studious, and a log ladder climb for the adventurous. At the end of the canyon is a little pool. All very delightful!




After that little side trip there was a bit of fiasco of locked keys in a car that delayed our next hike for an hour or so but we finally made our way to Negro Bill Canyon for a nice long hike that ends at Morning Glory Bridge. It was such a beautiful hike.



This snake found along the trail sure made Emma’s day!


I was really sore and worn out from the hiking and we decided to take it a bit easier the next day. My prego body just can’t keep up to the normal pace. The kids and I hung out in the shade of the giant petrified sand dunes while the big boys tried out the Slickrock practice loop.


This big boy loved it. I really wanted some action shots but missed the opportunity because of a fussy Sam.


Next stop was to cool off and wash off some of the camping grime in the local swimming hole that isn’t so local anymore, Mill Creek North Fork. There is a little swimming hole just steps from the parking lot that we stopped at and ate lunch. The water was ice cold.


After a little break, us dare devils wanted to check out the bigger swimming hole a mile or so upstream. It was another nice beautiful hike through the stream despite the fact that I had my waddle on. The kids had a ton of fun jumping off the cliffs and I even gave it a go on the smaller side of the waterfall. Can you spot me?




On our last day we packed up camp and went to check out Dead Horse Point State Park. It’s beautifully scenic and a must see. The smoothies and ice cream from the snack shack were a nice addition too.


The kids and Jeremy tried out the biking trails while Sam and I enjoyed the views. It was a hit. Even the girls gave the easiest trail, Intrepid, a try and loved it. I think it felt like a pretty big accomplishment despite a few spills and scraped elbows.



The boys took a second loop on another trail, Great Pyramid, which proved to be a little tougher but it was still all smiles.


Last stop was Canyonlands. We thought we might as well check out the north part, Island in the Sky, since we were so close. Amazing!




It mostly involved driving to breath taking overlooks but we did fit in a little hike at the end up Whale Rock, in order to prep for the drive home.


Overall, such a fun trip. I’m looking forward to exploring even more in Moab. It really is a great place. Now… on to more mundane things like laundry and toilet scrubbing.


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