Summer 2015

Last I checked in I had just had my 5th baby.


Luckily summer was just around the corner. This allowed me plenty of time to recover and start feeling normal again. I mainly had to keep an eye on kids while they ran around the neighborhood.


June was pretty uneventful. There were summer chores, afternoon play dates and the occasional outing. The older Henry got, the better I felt. I started getting out more; little hikes and some evening mountain bike rides.


July brought our big summer trip to the East Coast. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time. Henry was going to be about 6 weeks so I was barely feeling ready for travel. We still have family that live there so accommodations were nice and cousins plentiful.

We spent a few days in the DC area seeing the sites.



Here we all are at the Mall at the Sculpture Garden. Walking through the airport and at museums we got a lot of looks from people counting the number of kids following after me. Yes, 5 kids. I’m not sure how it happened.


We spent a lot of fun time with cousins. Look at this cute line up of cousins at Frying Pan Park.


There are currently 22 total grandkids (not all pictured here) on this side of the family. Imagine the fun and chaos!


We spent a dreamy and relaxing day at Lake Anna with friends on the 4th of July .


Then after a long drive and a lot of crying from Henry we spent a wonderful full week at the beach at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.


The kids boogie boarded the days away.



We even took some pics on the beach for Suntail Mermaid.


And I did a lot of this… Henry and my kindle were never very far from me though I did manage to get in a few boogie boarding rides.


We attempted taking family pictures on the beach. I hadn’t made much of an effort to put outfits together so we just used what we had. I don’t think they worked out so well… these wont be going up on the wall.


When we got home from our trip we had a bit of vacation withdrawal and didn’t know what to do with ourselves so we escaped to the mountains as often as we could. Here we all are on the 24th of July.



My darling Emma turned 12 and for her it’s a dream come true. I’m not sure she could have waited much longer.


So summer has been great. It’s always sad when it’s over but there is also some peace that comes with the school year. The kids are off and the house seems to maintain order a little better. There has been so much chaos lately that I can use all the help I can get. The little boys and I are finding nap times much more regular and relaxing.


I hope you had a great summer too.


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  1. Debbie Grandma
    August 27, 2015 at 10:10 am (2 years ago)

    Since you write this for me, (haha) I’d better comment, right?! Love your family so very much! What a lot of memories you’ve made and have to look back on. These children are so blessed! xoxoxo