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Catch up Time

Hi Ya’ll! I’m back from Cali. My trip was great but I’m exhausted. I should be posting some photos soon. I have a long TO DO list but I thought I’d quickly crank out a template because I missed this last Monday. Hope you guys like it. Download here.

For changing the colors of the little lines… you can either group with previous/ctrl G some paper on top or if you hover over the layer thumbnail (in the layers bin) and hit the ctrl key to load the selection you can use the paint bucket (it’s even easier if you zoom in.) Does that make sense?


Here is my layout I made with it.

31 ice cream copy

Another template just for you

Wow, I was so surprised how many comments I had for my template last week. Thanks so much everyone!! I thought I’d send out another flexible multi-photo layout this week and see if it is liked just as much. I attempted making my own stitches as well as the buttons. They are kind of ghetto so feel free to delete them and use your own. They are only for giving you an idea for embellishing. For this weeks template download here. (Sorry, this one is retired)


Here is my page I made with it. Credits are at Flickr.

30 W Farm copy

Warming Up

Yea, we are loving this warmer weather! The kids spent most the day in the back yard and that allowed me to do some house cleaning. With the kids outside, I didn’t have to go from one mess to the other. I must have a little spring cleaning itch. I’ve started to organize all my cluttery cracks and crannies so maybe by the time the summer is over I’ll have a organized home. You’re thinking “Dream on!” right?

Here is my Monday template… even though the day is almost over. It’s 11:48 pm. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Download here.


Over the weekend we went up to Ogden and found a delightful little place for climbing. There was even a nice grassy null for the kids to hang out on while we were hanging out on the rocks. We took my sister and brother in law and had a great time. I’d forgotten my camera in the car but sis in law was able to snap these photos so I thought they’d work great for this template.

9th street copy

Bonus Friday

Hello ya’ll. I’m coming to you from the wonderful barren state of Idaho. I’ve been on a little road trip to visit my sister. Woo hoo. She’s been helping me rearrange my site a little bit so I thought I’d run a test post.

I will soon have an equal opportunity blog roll. This means that if you want to be on my blog roll, just email me and I’ll put you on. The blog roll at the bottom will randomly rotate through my list.

I’m going to give you a bonus template today just because I’ve had a little time to mess around this morning on her great big wonderful coveted iMac. Hope you enjoy. Download here. (Sorry, this one is retired)

Template #6 -Mandagirl.jpg

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone. I’ve never really been very conscious of this Irish holiday until this year. I’m totally sporting a luscious lucky green color today. I usually forget to put on the green… I finally have a school age child that wants to wear green so she doesn’t get pinched.

So it’s Monday and here is my template. Hope you all enjoy. Happy scrapping. Download here. (Sorry, this one is retired.)


Oops. I almost forgot. Here is the page I made with this template. Be creative with the squares. I love to use as many photos as I can. For a second page you could delete the main photo and move thing around or rotate the whole layout. Endless possibilities.

13 sabra

Template day

Is it Monday already! Wow, another crazy weekend here at our house. We’ve been enjoying the nice spring-like weather though. We actually went to a park. Hurray for sunshine. I’m looking forward to this week… hello high fifties. The midwest seems to be getting plowed over with snow, poor guys. We know what that feels like.

Anyhow, here is Monday’s free template. I know it’s pretty basic but… so many photos… sometimes that is just what we need. LOTS OF PHOTOS! Download here. (Sorry, this one is retired.)

Here is that layout I made with it. Check out my cute little train I made.

21 choo choo copy

For the second page, I just deleted and rearranged the squares to make room for some journaling.

22 heber copy


Attempt at Freebies

Hey Everyone. I’m attempting to share some templates. Here is my first one. Click here to download. (Sorry, this one is retired.)


12 jingle bells

I made this page using my template. Credits are at flickr.

Let me know how it works for you and please give me credit if you post it somewhere. Thanks.