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Template 106 -A Year in Review

Hello Darlings,

Are you all ecstatic to see another post from me in such a short time? Heck yah! I am. And I even have a template to give away. Get excited! Whoot whoot!

I know January is coming to a close so I’m a month behind but I truly believe in the “better late than never” policy. I enjoy making Year in Review pages every year. I love putting them in my yearly scrapbooks and having that quick glance at what happened that past year and what I’ll find in that particular book.

Putting them together is pretty fun too. With my kids growing and changing so fast it is fun to compare January to December pictures. I alway exclaim “What! Look how they’ve grown!” When I start looking through pictures and picking my favs for the month I always feel like January was ages ago and December was yesterday. Oh wait. It pretty much was.

Here are my pages. Look at how they’ve grown!

2013 Year in Review

2013 Year in Review

I guess I’ve been doing these Year in Reviews for 4 years. I had to go look back at the other years I have made.

  • 2012- Here is the post for Template 98. It’s for sale in my shop here.
  • 2011- Template 83 is sold in a pack in my shop here.
  • 2010- Template 67 is found in a pack here.
  • 2009- My very first Year in Review Template 46 is found in a pack here. (I could find the original post for that one. It is a mystery.)

If you’d like to make your own Year in Review then you are in luck. I decided to make little Polaroid frames for my pictures and the square clipping masks worked perfect if I picked an Instagram to highlight that particular month.

Download Template 106 -2013 Year in Review here for a limited time.

2013 Year in Review

If you want to use it for a different year than go ahead and delete the year numbers and add your own (or don’t even use it for a Year in Review… it’s ok, I wont have my feelings hurt.)

Happy scrapbooking.

Template 105

Hello friends. I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We had a perfect weekend filled with good company and adventure. Just what I needed.

After the busy weekend I was grateful for a wet rainy day today. It allowed me to do a bit of recouping and apparently, I wasn’t the only one who needed it. Sam must have needed it too. He took a huge afternoon nap for me. Hurray, hurray!

You know what I do with really nice long nap times… scrapbook!

Here is Template 105 for you to enjoy. Blocky and flexible. Download it here for free for a limited time.


Here are my pages. Credits at flickr.

19 Sept

19 Sept 2

I still have a lot of catching up to do with my scrapbooking… Hopefully long naps can become a regular thing around here but with summer around the corner I’m not so sure. Hah!

Happy Scrapbooking.

Template 104 + Add on Kit

Hello folks! How’s your day going? The sun is shinning at my house and we are enjoying some nice spring weather. I’d love to be outside but I have a house full of littles running around. I think a trip to the park is in order.

But before I do that I’m going to put my newest template up for grabs. Snag it here for free until I put it in my shop.


For some reason I always love these wonky little pieces of paper on a template. I think they add character and allow you to use a bunch of fun patterned papers without getting too messy.

My scalloped banner is for inspiration for placement of your own elements or banner but I actually ended up using it. I warn you that the string is in no way professionally created and barely even resembles a string if you look closely. So with that disclaimer, I’ll also tell you that the scallops are all on one layer so it was a little tricky to get multiple patterns on it. For a tip, if you decide to use it, use your marquee tool to “cut” out little pieces of paper and then drag them on to the template and group them all together onto the banner. Does that make sense? You can have 7 little pieces of paper all grouped together on one layer. Let me know if you have any questions.

Here are my pages for some inspiration.

16 first day of school

16 first day of school 2

And because I liked this template so much I went ahead an made a few more in the same style. This Add-On kit is in my shop here. It will be 50% off through May 1st so save a buck while you can.


More pages scrapped makes one happy mommy. Yea for making a small dent in my pictures! I can’t wait to print these out.

17 Emma turns 8 2

17 Emma turns 8

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Template 103

Wow, it has taken me forever to get this new template up. I made a few templates while listening to General Conference two weekends ago. While scrapbooking them, my computer was shut down unexpectedly and I lost a bunch of work so I had to scrapbook a couple of my pages twice. Arggh! Don’t you hate that? I try to be good about saving my work in the middle of things… but when my babies call, I’ve got to answer. Then who knows who shuts things down… husband? the boy who loves computer games? Sometimes I suspect the stupid updates that windows has to do. How many times do I have to postpone those things for 4 hours. Oh well, it’s not unusual for things to take me twice as long around here. Sometimes it gets a little tiresome.

Anyway, on to what you’ve been waiting for. Template 103 can be snagged here for a limited time before it goes into my shop.


And here are my pages. They kind of resemble the project life pages we are seeing so often around digiscrap town. I quite like the style, even though I’ll never do a project life, because I can get all the photos I need on a two page spread. Yea! My favorite!

18 wildflowers w gram

18 wildflowers w gram b

I’m a little shy of 2 years behind in my scrapbooking. I’m still plunking away at 2011. I was surprise how young my kiddos looked to me in these pics, especially Leah and Emma. I guess time does fly by.

Happy scrapbooking.

Template 102

Hello, hello! It’s a lovely day here and I hope you are enjoying your day as well. I have a new template to share and I hope you like it and find is useful for your stash of photos.


I like the way this one turned out. Straight forward and traditional. You could really use it for a million different kinds of pictures.

Download it by going here.

Here are my pages that I made with it. Credits at flickr.

15 baptism

15 baptism b

Fun stuff. Now it’s time to enjoy some sunshine. I hope it shining where ever you are. Happy scrapbooking.

Template 101

Hello friends.

I have another simple but useful template for you this week. I needed a template that I could use to scrapbook a whole bunch of random cell phone pics. I bet you have those photos too. You know, they ones that just aren’t good enough for a page all by themselves. These pictures are not always the best but the memories that they capture are priceless and need to be documented. I left plenty of room underneath the photos for journaling.

Download here.


Here are my pages.

14 Aug

14 Aug b

See, it works. Happy scrapping.

Template 100

Yea!! Hello! It’s February. I’m extremely happy that January is over. Hurray! I’ve never been so happy for February. Let’s do a little dance, shall we?

I have a new template for you and, well, because it’s Template #100 I had to make one with 100 photos in it, of course. A template like this would have been perfect for the beach vacation pictures I just scrapbooked. I had 100s of photos but those are done and there is nothing right now that I need to use it for. I prefer to scrap in chronological order so I’ll wait until I need such a template. But I made it anyway. I couldn’t resist. It’s kinda crazy, I know, but fun, yes?

Maybe you can use it. Download it here if you’d like.


Happy scrapbooking.

Template 98 Year in Review

Hello Friends. This post has taken me all week to get up. Sheesh. Has it taken you a while to get recovered from the holidays?

We had blast of a Christmas break. We had a beautiful white Christmas and even managed to find some time up on the slopes. Hip hip hurray! Jeremy had over a whole week off and we played and played and played. Lots of fun. The kids enjoyed all their free time immensely and had lots of cousins in town to make messes with… Oh the messes. Well, that’s part of the whole fun, right?

After the new year, I got hit with a little stomach bug and spent a whole day in bed but I’m on the mend now and ready to get going with 2013. Happy New Year everyone! Oh, is it already the 5th. Ha. I’m a few days late…

To kick things off here at Mandagirl, I have a Year in Review Template for you. I really love doing these scrapbook pages because it gives me a great opportunity to look back over the past year and see all the memories we made.

Download here.


Here are my pages. Goodbye 2012!

2012 year in review

2012 year in review b

I just love the way they turned out. I considered putting the month on a little journal tag over the picture like I had in the past but I think it’s pretty clear in the layout which picture is which. They are in order, of course.

One thing that I do to make the journaling a breeze on a Year in Review layout is I store my photos in folders by month. I label the folders with numbers so that they will stay in order. The year first and then the month. I add the month with words in parenthesis after the numbers to make it easy at a glance. ie. 2012-08 (Aug) It keeps things nice and organized.

picture folders

Then when I’m ready to journal about the things that happened in that month, I open the folder, look at the pictures there and summarize the contents. It’s so easy. If I want to double check if I missed anything I can look at my blog but really, lately, my blog has been lacking so my pictures are the way to go.

And there you have it. A great way to review a year at one single glance. So fun! Happy Scrapbooking.

Christmas Card

I’ve decided that Christmas photo cards are funny things. In fact, I have some mixed feelings about them. I love to receive them. I adore getting REAL mail in my mail box throughout the month of December. But with social medias so many friends and family are able to see pictures and hear news from us often enough. So it makes me feel a little bit funny about sending out Christmas cards. “Here, look at this picture of me AGAIN.”

As I read through my list of address, I had to stop and ponder who to send cards to. How many of these people really are interested in my family Christmas card? Some of the names are old acquaintances, some more recent. There are a few childhood friends, college friends, high school friends, old church friends, old work friends, where we use to live friends.

I had to ask myself, “If this person is just a long ago acquaintance, and I will probably never see them again, how long should I continue to send them a Christmas card?”

Have you had to ask yourself that question? What did you do. Stop or continue? I’d love to know.

Here is our card. It’s super simple but I think that is kinda of the trend this year. Less scrapbook-y looking. I decided to go with the Awesome hair picture. Hah, hah, hah. I feel bad that Leah looks kinda funny. Thanks for your votes. It was pretty much a tie. Jeremy helped make an executive decision. Also, my card design needed a vertical picture so hey, it is what it is. Kinda funny though if ya think about it.


I know I’m SUPER late for this… but if you want you can download a little template to make a card like mine by clicking here.

Christmas card template

Before we had our family photo shoot I almost did a design like this one. I think it’s cute with a bunch of fun head shots. Download it by clicking here.

block card template

That’s it for now. I’m looking forward to our Christmas celebrations. I hope you are too.