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Opperation Pay for the Hole

Hello dear friends, after a nice Thanksgiving break, I’m back on the computer working hard to make some new templates. I have a purpose too, which makes working much more motivating.

I mentioned before that my big sister, Jessica, had heart surgery a couple weeks ago. Due to a few factors, she and her sweet family are super short on funds. Her darling and best friends, Tracy and Kat, have hacked her blog and are hosting an auction to help pay for Jessica’s medical bills. I’m contributing some templates to the auction as well as volunteering as an affiliate because I luv her sooo much!!

I’m donate 100% of my template shop proceeds this week to Jessica.

So, to get you all excited about it I’ve made some shinny new templates for the shop. You can purchase these guilty free knowing that 100% of your money is going to a family in need. A dear, dear sweet family. Plus you get some fun new templates out of the deal. Win-win, yes?

So here is what I’ve made. Click on the images to go to the template in the shop.

Here is Template 97. It has some fun paper strips and 12 photos. I love the little date flag in the corner.


And an Add On to go with Template 97. More fun paper strips.


Here are some blocky templates perfect for a Project Life.


And some templates perfect for scrapping your Instagram photos.


And just in case you’re newish around here, I’ve loaded up some more 2 pagers here.

On top of all that, I’ll give you a coupon. Now through December 8th Get 20% off if you spend $5.00 or more. Enter For Jessica for the coupon code at check out.

Thanks so much. I appreciate your support!

Template 96

Did you all enjoy Digital Scrapbooking Day? I had fun browsing the web, gathering freebies and checking sales. I fully intended to post a scrapbook template during it all but ya know, life happened and I didn’t get to it. Lucky for you, I’ve a new one for you today. Consider it a DSD bonus day.

Download here.


Here are my pages.

9 may

9 may b

Don’t laugh at my funny head with a bike helmet on it. Great! I just pointed it out. Ok, I guess you can. Helmets are not the most flattering things to wear. Instead look at little Leah holding a chicken. She has grown so much in the past year and a half. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Happy scrapbooking.

ps. My sister had a successful heart surgery this past Monday and we are hoping she is on her way to better health. She’s been recovering at my mom’s house this week and I’ve had a blast hanging out with her and watching the new episodes of Downton Abby! {Ah, swoon.} I’m sad to see her heading back to Idaho but am glad for her and her family. Hopefully life will be much more normal for them.

Template 95

Scrapbooking has not really fit in to my schedule as of late. When Sam is napping I usually am scrambling around trying to get as much done as possible. My house says “A baby lives here” all over it. Tasks usually involve dishes, laundry and the occasional nap for myself.

I made this template a few weeks ago in an effort to post scrapbooking templates more regularly. It didn’t happen. I was interrupted. My computer was shut down. I lost some work. The lack of creativity that this template has prevented me from posting it sooner. It just is so plain.

But it still is useful. I made 4 lovely pages from this template. So use some creativity (of which I am lacking) and add some fun elements to jazz it up. (I have mentioned that Jazz is one of my favorite words. I rarely get to use it.)

Download here.


Here is one of my pages to try to convince you that this template is not so drab afterall.

9 Nanny goat 2

Time for sitting down is so limited. Sam has awaken from his nap earlier than I think he should have and if I don’t post this soon it might never get done.

ps. If you know my lovely sister, Jessica, keep her in your prayers. She is having some crazy health issues that need to be resolved soon.

Templates 93 & 94

Ah, I finally found some time to make a new template to share with you all. Feels like it’s been ages.

Oh, wait, it has. Oops.

Then I realized that I had made one a while back and forgot to share it… Lucky for you I have 2 templates to share today. Fun Fun!

Template 93


Here are my pages I made with it. Super simple but that’s all ya need sometimes.

5 cousin photoshoot

5 cousin photoshoot 2

Template 94


Here are the pages I made with this one. I actually had a lot of fun scrapbooking with it. I loved adding all the cool pattern papers.

8 ms walk

8 ms walk 2

You can download them by clicking here.

Happy scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking Time

Hurray, hurray! I finally found some scrapbooking time. I started making a new template to share… but 3 times my photoshop was closed down and I lost my work. Boo hoo. So instead I thought I’d just use an old one, save some time and make a bit more of a dent in my photos.

7 spring chicks

I used a page from my 16 page photo book. I originally used these templates to make a Mother’s Day book for my sweet Momma. No reason to let these great templates sit dormant. They worked perfect for the amount of photos I needed. Another Hurray!

Do you use your templates more than once? It’s so easy to move things around, add or subtract photos masks, and use a different kit to give your templates a completely new look. No one will ever know. Especially if they are in different photo books.

Hope you all are having an awesome Wednesday.

Template 92

I’m on a roll. It’s not hard to do when I keep things simple.

Download Template 92 here.


Here are my pages. Again, I scrapped almost a whole month on a two page spread. At this rate I might actually get caught up.

4 March

4 March 2

Later skater.

Template 91

Alright, I stand corrected. My mom reminded me on my last post that I have had some fun things going on this summer. I just don’t have pictures to show for it. In fact, I was having a bad day and was sick and tired of feeling tied down. Tied down to the house and tied down to the baby. I don’t do well when I feel restricted and unfortunately that is how I feel when I have a little baby. I sure love the little guy but between staying home for naps and hours of feedings… I get a little worn down emotionally. Comes with the territory and I know it will get better. But yes, the summer is flying by, is it not?

The good news is that I have a new template to share with you. Download it here.


I created this template with efficiency in mind. I’m a little behind with my scrapbooks and I want to catch up. Since I always scrapbook with the templates I make, this one allowed me to do a whole month of pictures on 2 pages. Most months have more pictures than 16 pictures but February is generally a slower month. The way I clustered the photos and journaling allowed for multiple events on one page.

Here are my pages.

3 Feb

3 Feb 2

Happy scrapping.

Template 90

Hey ya’ll. I need to practice my scrapbook and typing at the computer while nursing. I’m a little out of practice.

Sam didn’t give me a good nap today so I’m a little beat with an aching back. I had to stop and come back to the computer several times today in order to finish this template and my pages that go along with it.

But without further ado, here it is. Download it here.


Here are my pages.

1 snowshoeing

1 Ferguson

Happy scrapping.

Template 89

To celebrate the fact that I gave birth to my beautiful little boy during my 40th week of pregnancy and not my 42 or 43, I have made a template that has 40 pictures on it to share with you. If you don’t have a need for that many pictures on a spread, remember you can delete a row or two and have an awesome place for journaling or a large pic.

Download here if you like it.


Here are my pages. They make me want to go to the beach RIGHT NOW! Ahhh. Good thing summer is right around the corner for us. Hopefully I’ll be feeling up to getting out soon.

OBX pg 1b

OBX pg 1

Happy Scrapbooking.