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Mother’s Day Card

Have you procrastinated your Mother’s Day card like me? Ha!

Here’s a template for you in case you have too.

Download by clicking here.


Here is how mine turned out. I just printed it on 8.5×11 white card stock, folded it and trimmed the edges a bit. Nothing too fancy.

Mom's card copy

Enjoy. Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful mothers.

{inter} National Scrapbooking Day

Hello, everyone.

With all the wonderful sales going on around digi-land, I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon and have a little sale here at my template shop in case you’re needing to stock up on some templates. Just enter the code iNSD4mandagirl at check out and you’ll save 30% on your entire purchase through Saturday..


Printing pages and Template 88

I just loving sending my scrapbook pages to the printer. It’s so exciting to get them back and flip through actual hard copies of my pages after so much hard work. It’s so rewarding. I just finished my 2010 scrapbook. Yea! Yea! I always love the 8×8 size. It’s the perfect size for holding on your lap and showing the kiddos all their fun pictures and memories.


Leah is in a total “that’s me” stage. I’m not sure she sees anyone else in her family in the pictures besides herself. She scans the pages for her own little face and points every single one out to me. Sometimes in the older scrapbooks she thinks Emma is herself. They do look quite similar. I’m sure it’s some great developmental stage to recognize your own picture but I think it’s so funny. She’s been wanting me to go through every book with her.


Honestly, I didn’t stage this. She saw me pulling out the book and sat down and started pointing all by herself. “That’s me with a messy face.” “That’s me eating an apple!”

All I had to do was snap the pictures.


I love two-pagers, as most of you know, but occasionally there is the required one page… such as a title page to a scrapbook. I also rarely only have one picture on a page but I think it’s justified for a nice title pages, yes? I pinned this cute page a while ago and was inspired to make it my title page. If you’d like it too, you can download it here.


Here is how my page turned out.

2010 cover page


Of course, you don’t have to use this template for a title page. It’d be cute with the circles filled with pictures or journaling too.

Template 87

I hope you all are enjoying your spring weather. It’s been so nice today and flowers seem to be popping out everywhere. We have spent most the day cleaning the house while blaring General Conference on the TV. I opened all the windows and doors and let the spring breeze through the house. It felt so good. I think a cold front is on it’s way so I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

Our spring break is this next week. How nice it is to have the kids out of school but now I’m faced with the problem of what to do?

What to do?

While I think about it and let my poor tired prego body rest from all the cleaning, I have a new free template for you guys. Download here.


And, of course, here are my pages to help inspire you.

40 snow 2

40 snow

It’s kind of funny to post such cold snowy photos when it’s so warm and sunny outside but that’s how I roll. Happy scrapping.

Template 86

Just a quick post to put up a new free template. I know we all need to catch up on our scrapbooking, so again, a quick and simple layout.

Grab it here.



Getting in the groove- Template 85

Wow, I can hardly believe that I was in the mood to scrapbook today. Must be a miracle.

Here is another template for you. Download here.


This template is totally flexible. I left some hidden photo squares for you if you need more than what is shown. There is a total of 24 photos. This would be a great template for a series of pages like a weekend trip or something where you need to scrapbook tons of photos. Then you could change around the empty spots, journaling and elements on each page to add some variety. Make sense? It will be a breeze.

My pages. Credits at flickr.

37 fall leaves

37 fall leaves 2

Happy scrapbooking.

Template 84

Wow, I scrapbooked. It almost killed me, ha, but I did it. I made an unbelievably boring template to share but if you are in a similar state as me, this might be just want you need -something basic, quick and with lots of photos. I didn’t even have the energy to add journaling but all you’d have to do it delete a photo square and type it in if you want it.

Again. Easy.

Download here.


Here are my pages.

36 idaho copy

For flexibility, delete the photo spots you don’t need and add a big focus picture to mix things up. Worked perfectly.

36 idaho1

36 idaho 2

Happy scrapbooking or template hording. Ha.

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines everyone! I hope you all get to spend some time with your sweethearts today. What a fun day for telling those special people in our lives that we love them.


If you need a last minute card like me you can download this little template card by clicking here (please leave a comment if you download, thanks.) I sized it so that you can drag it onto a 8.5×11 and print 4 on one sheet.

If you want to use the same font, it’s called Hill House and you can snag it here. Isn’t it cute? And if you are clever (unlike me) you could write something snazzy about how your love grows or some such nonsense. I’ll leave it to you.

I think the card is cute plain (especially if it’s for a hubby that could really care less) but if you want to jazz it up a bit with some digi papers than go ahead. Credits at Flickr.

Valentines Card 2012

Happy love day!

2011 Year in Review

Happy New Year! I hope you all are doing well and recovered from the holidays. We had a great time but are ready to get back into the swing of things.

I had fun looking back on this past year as I made my Year in Review scrapbooking pages. It’s crazy to think about all the things that have happened in a year.

Of course I made you all a template so you can do the same too. Download it here for a limited time.


Here are my pages. Credits at flickr.

2011 year in review

2011 year in review 2

And if you are looking for a different design for your Year in Review pages I have this one…


and this one in my shop. Images linked.


Have fun looking back over the past year.