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Template 82

I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season. I made some time today to scrapbook today and it was just lovely to sit back and not think about the Christmas hustle and bustle. Ahh, nice.

I have a simple little template for you. Enjoy it here.


Here is one of the pages I made for a little inspiration.

35 Wasatch marker

Happy scrapping or Christmas shopping or whatever you’re keeping busy with.

Christmas Cards

Hi, I’ve got some new 5×7¬†Christmas Card templates in the shop just in time for the holidays. Go check ’em out. Click on the image to go straight to the cards.


And if you are on a shoe-string budget like me, you can grab this one from out of the package for free (through Dec 3rd.) Click here to download. (expired) Make sure to leave me a comment if you did. I love to know who liked it.


And here is my card. Very simple and easy although this was my first attempt at a subway styled something. Don’t laugh, okay. Aren’t you seeing subway prints everywhere? I like the fun modern look to them so thought I’d give it a shot. Just re-color the text to match your paper or photo.

blurred name

Merry Christmas from us. Happy card making.

Template 81

Hello ya’ll.

Been scrapbooking a little bit and I’ve got a new template to share. Hope you put it to use. Grab it here.


And here are my pages. Credits at flickr.

34 chicken poxs1

34 chicken poxs2

That’s it for now, enjoy!

I can do that

I am completely capable at copying other people’s really good ideas.

I used this skirt tutorial to make skirts for me and my girls. I know that this picture from my camera phone is completely dull and uninspiring so imagine us all wearing our new cute skirts and running about on a sunny autumn day in a field covered with red and yellow leafs and our skirts bouncing, twirling and looking completely darling and stylish.


I also thought a kitchen table map would make wiping down my dining room table easier and make for some fun dinner conversations. I bought this fun map from Utah Idaho Supply Map World because where else should you go to get a map but Map World. When I came home with it my husband wasn’t sure about the whole vinyl tablecloth look on our dining room table but after taking it off for a few day for a dinner party, he kept asking me to put it back on.

Yes, it does make wiping down our table much easier. There are just too many darn decorative cracks in our table top.

(I’ll admit I was temped to photo shop my banged up chairs to look perfect but that’s not real life, is it? I’ve gone crazy with stain and a sharpie marker before and it helps but not for long. I guess it matches the whole vinyl look. Ha.)


Leah, point to the elephant.


And last but not least. I made myself one of these awesome weekly menu boards in hopes of feeding my family more regularly. So far so good , too. I’ve let everyone pick out one meal a week. It’s fun to have the kids read what we’re having for dinner and hear them say “It’s your night for ____!”


So there you have it. I’m good at copying. How about you? Are you naturally clever or do you need some inspiring ideas to spring off of?

Planning a big event

If you’ve been wondering why my posting has been so infrequent lately, part of the reason is because I’ve been all consumed with planning, following through, and picking up the pieces for our church’s Super Saturday Emergency Preparedness Fair (which we ended up calling our Back-to-Basics Bonanza). I had this big event dumped right on top of me the minute I was put into the Relief Society a month or so ago.


Anyway, things are all over now. The event was last Friday and everything fell nicely into place. Have you ever been in charge of big event? I’ve done small events but nothing quite this large scale. Now I know from experience that it can be pretty overwhelming.

Because of my photoshop experience, I was able to whip up some posters, fliers and graphics for emails to help advertise our Preparedness Fair, so of course I’m going to share. I hope these will be useful for you and save you some time in front of the computer when it’s your turn.

Download here for a limited time until it goes into my shop.


I had fully intended on taking pictures of our event but because I was in charge, there were so many other things to do. So you’ll have to imagine what my signs and banners looked like hanging up in the church gymnasium. Here’s a look at my digital versions.

My poster I used for advertising:

Perfect size for printing out a Costco.

Back-to-Basics poster

My flier for passing out at church and to friends and neighbors:

My template is for printing 2 fliers per page. Design the one side and then duplicate it for the other side. Make sense?

Back-to-Basics flier copy 2

Here is my email insert for dressing up all the emails that had to be sent out:

Back-to-Basics title

I had signs hanging up at the event to help direct people and to show where each station was located:

This template is an 8.5×11 but we blew up them up a little bigger so they’d be easier to see.


And last, but not least, is my flag banner:

These were pretty big flags because we were going to be in such a big room. If you are doing a birthday party or shower would might want to have smaller flags. I just duplicated the template and add different papers for more flags. You can print out as many as you need. This banner turned out super darling and I wish I had a picture of it hanging up. I spelled out the word BONANZA and also had blank flags without letters on the sides. I also made some paper circle fans (two ways to make them here or here) to go in between banners.


I used Digital Design Essentials Generations of Love Kit for all my pieces. That way everything coordinated.

So that’s it. I’m so glad it over. If you ever have an event fall into your lap, I hope you’ll be able to utilizes some of these templates.

Later skater.

Template 80

Believe it or not, I did a little bit of scrapbooking today.

This template is uber simple because that is about all I can do right now. It gets the job done, right.

Enjoy it here.


Here is my page. Credits at flickr.

34 Isaac preschool

Have a lovely day.

Finally, Template 79

Goodness, it’s been hard to get back into the swing of things. I guess we never know when our lives are going to change, whether those changes are subtle or not. My life has certainly been altering. I’ve been struggling with trying to find some kind of balance, with the new school year and such. Either way, I have finally found time for some scrapbooking. Hurray.

Here is Template 79 that has been sitting on my desktop for over a week and I’m just finishing up today. Download it here if you like it.


My pages… I’m not to excited to share these because I don’t love the way they turned out. I think they are kinda busy but I’m so DONE working with them and I need to move on. I’m not sure if it’s the paper or the template that’s too busy. Oh well. (credits at flickr)

33 climbing copy

These pictures of us rock climbing didn’t turn out. It was dark and the flash bounced off the rock funny. But the memory was such a great one that I had to document it. Tell me, what do you do with photos that don’t turn out but you love the moment behind them?

33 Guardsman copy

These pictures I probably love too much. Well, the one of Emma by the tree and Jeremy, Leah and me as a silhouette. So again, I had a hard time scrapbooking them because I felt like the pictures needed to be highlighted better. But I just couldn’t get myself to make a whole new page just for those photos. It’d mess up my chronological order or some such nonsense. I’m lazy actually.

So I guess the nice thing is about all my rambling is that I finally have a free template for those of you who have stuck it through the long summer with me. He he.

Happy scrapping! Finally.

Vacation Sale

This summer me and my family get to spend a whole week at the beach. Hurray, Hurray. We are getting so excited. I’ll keep you posted on some of the fun adventures that we’ll be having.

I’m sure many of you are going on vacations too so I’m having a little Vacation Sale. All of my Bundled Templates will be 30% off from now until July 13th. That’s 2 whole weeks! This will be a great time to pick up templates that can help you scrapbook all the gazillion photos that you’ll be coming home with. Buy any template listed under my Bundled Templates category and then enter vacationsale2011 during check out to get 30% off.

I’ve looked over my bundled packages and have picked out some of my favorites to share. These templates have truly made scrapbooking a breeze for me. Looking back at my layouts is always fun too. Here we have a layout from the Vacation Templates package. We will be going to this same beach again so I’ll have more fun beach pictures to scrapbook. (I’ll have to make a new Vacation Package when I get home.)

14 obx pg 8

The Mass Production Templates are always great for showing off lots of photos in a simple, clean way. 

The Super Duper Templates are nice because you can add as many photo as you need or add paper in to jazz things up. (BTW, I love the word jazz! It’s so totally cheezy and 80’s-ish)

37 mom's camera 2

This week I printed out 57 pages to go in my scrapbook. I was so totally over the moon when I had the prints in my hand. I love seeing them in real life and adding them in my book is simply thrilling. Hello, I know I’m nerd. I admit that I flip through the pages over and over again just enjoying them. I think there is something special in seeing my memories all down on paper and ready to share. Well, Template 71 Add on is one of my new favorites from this latest batch I printed. I loved how the two pages look together. Lucky for you they are also included in this sale.

16 rock canyon

That’s it for now. I’ll be keeping in touch while I’m on my travels so stay tuned. I hope you have a wonderful summer too.

Template 78

Summer time is really heating up around here. As soon as Summer Solstice hit and the season was officially here the temperatures immediately jumped above 90.

Wooh eee.

It’s finally time to go to the pool, turn the sprinklers on underneath the tramp, and eat all the Popsicle we possibly can.

In celebration of Summer arriving, here is a new template that is Summer-ish looking but will work for just about anything. I added some wave looking details for fun but also put in a scalloped option if you prefer that. Look for it hidden in the layer palate next to the waves. You can click on the eye to make it visible and delete the wave if you want.

Download it here.


And of course, here are my pages. It made me panic a little bit that I was still scrapbooking summer of last year. I really don’t like getting to far behind because I start forgetting journaling details and rushing through my pages. Oh well. Guess it worked out well for you , season wise and all. Maybe I should stay a year behind. Ha. We do what we can do. Credits at flickr.

32 Utah lake copy

32 Utah lake2

Have fun. Later.