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Template 111

Hello again. I am PATIENTLY waiting for my baby to arrive by spending some time scrapbooking because I know time with get even more tight after this little bundle arrives.

About a week to my due date. Cross your fingers for me…

I had fun with this template adding a little more detail than I have been lately. I hope you like it. You can download it by going here.

Template 111 -Mandagirl Preview

Here is a page I made with it.

4 Hi there

Happy scrapbooking!

Template 110

Hello friends,

I know it’s been ages again in between posts but it is what it is.

I’ve been doing a little scrapbooking here and there but my templates have been so boring it’s hard to know if it’s worth loading them up to share. Here’s one that I’ve thought was decent enough. So here you go. Download by clicking here.

Template 110 Preview Mandagirl

And a layout I made with it.

3 feb activities

Happy scrapbooking.

Mermaid Awesomeness

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have already seen my post about my rad cakes big sister’s. She’s been working on a new mermaid business for a while now and is finally getting ready to launch.

Introducing Suntails Mermaid!!


We are so excited for her!! And I want to get the word out to everyone I know… because heck, (I love her to pieces) but doesn’t every little girl pretend they are a mermaid at the pool? I know I did and I wasn’t even that girly. I would have loved a real tail.

“Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat…”

Over the summer we were able to help her test out monofin prototypes. My girls (and boy) were in mermaid heaven. We had lots of swim parties with shark and mermaid games going on. Oh the destress of the mermaids getting captured… Swoon!!

We helped her tweak her monofin design and its finally perfected and ready to go.


This is how excited we are…


We’ve been holding in our excitement for months now and we can finally let it out. Emma and Leah have been able to be in the demo videos and pictures. I think they feel like super stars. If you watch the video you’ll see Emma in blue and Leah is demonstrating the toddler tail without a monofin underneath.

Before my sister starts selling she is having a give away and launching a kickstarter program. Enter to win here. You have to check it out. She’s giving away one monofin and swim tail in order to get the buzz going. Please help.


She’s blogged all about her journey here if you want to learn more.

Surprise! It’s 2015 and I’m Posting

Wow, this little place on the internet sure is dusty. I thought I had completely given it up, left it behind and considered it dead.

At Christmas time I logged in to my Paypal account to send some money and low and behold I had actually had a few template purchases. {Thank you my dear faithful digi scrappers!!} It was a total surprise, you see, because I hadn’t received any email notifications from my Mandagirl account since the summer. I thought it was nothing but cobwebs over here. I could hardly believe that there had been some activity when I had been so neglectful. Maybe I can keep my domain name after all. Yea!! Happy dance.

Today I logged on to fix my mandagirl email account and it looks like everything is in working order. It’s been so long that I had to look up passwords and user names and long forgotten cpanel addresses. In fact, I’ve never learned to use cpanel very well. It scares me. But my email should be fixed and I apologize if you ever tried to contact me and all you got was crickets. (Although I do doubt that anyone tried… He he.

30 November 2

Once I found out I had some activity I had to make a decision. It would be sad to shut the whole thing down when a few of you still can use some templates. Hum…What to do now?

I knew I wanted to do one thing… and I was going to do this even if I shut things down. I wanted to make some blog books of all my posts since the beginning of life here at Mandagirl. In January I did a little research and found the easiest quickest way to print my blog. I had 7 years worth of blogging to print so I didn’t want to spend any time sorting or arranging post. I just wanted to hit print and be done… and I did.


Ya, I wasn’t very creative with my titles.

I used and it was super easy. The covers aren’t so great but I can’t complain. The price is great. All I wanted was a hard copy. I kept the price cheap by printing in black and white but that’s okay because I have my pretty, colorful scrapbooks for enjoying pictures.


Once my books came in the mail it was so much fun to flip through and see the posts and pictures from over the years. They really are journals of sorts. It brought back a teeny tiny blog spark of love in my heart. It’s now going to be even harder to quit blogging all together. Look at all this wonderful history… even if it is just for me.


Another month and half has gone by and there has been this little voice in my head saying I should get on and blog. Bring this sucker back to life. But why… what is there to write about it… Oh yea, for history sake. Because I do love scrapbooking and sharing. Because I like to share our wild adventures. Oh ya, and my mom likes to see pictures of my kiddos.

28 Oct Idaho

Is that reason enough?

I have picked up scrapbooking again but I’m so far behind that I’m in boring mode. Make some squares, load them with pictures, save and move on. Seriously, there is no creativity going on here.

27 play and millcreek

Get. As. Many. Photos. On. The. Page. As. Possible!

25 Sept pics 3

But I am getting pages done. Whoo hoo.

22 first day aug 2

Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts from the one and only Mandagirl.

Warming Up

The spring weathers has been just lovely around these parts. There has been a little bit of rain but for the most part it’s warming up and the blossoms are starting to come out. I can’t help but just go sit in the sunshine. We’ve been playing outside as much as possible. Sam is overly happy and content at the park. He points and says something like “pay” meaning he wants to go play.

He always wants to go “pay.” I can’t get anything done around here.

Park days

While I was fixing dinner one night Isaac and his friend were swinging spider style. I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of them because I think days like this wont last forever. Such sweet happiness.

This past week we’ve been up and down with sickness. It’s run through most of the family but my little Leah isn’t bouncing back so well.

She’s been getting afternoon fevers for 5 days now. She’ll wake up feeling great and ready to go but later in the afternoon she heats up and lays around on the couch for the rest of the day. Weird. I haven’t dealt with this before. The internet didn’t seem to come up with much. I don’t think there is much call for worry unless it goes on for longer than a week. My mommy alarm isn’t going off quite yet. I could call the nurse. If it goes on for a couple more days I’ll have to take her in.

Hum. Any ideas?

How’s the weather in your parts? Anxious for spring?

Computer problems, again!


Ugh! I can hardly believe that another computer has died on me. It really is so frustrating. The screen on the old Macbook that I have been using recently has gone completely black. It’s either the logic board or the graphics card or some other thing that isn’t worth fixing, said the men at the apple store.

I even had a template ready to share. How sad. I’ll have to get my data pulled off, again. The data that I just barely put on that computer, the data from my Asus laptop. When was that, December? Sigh. the bright side is that the hard drive on the Mac is still good.

So what to do? I’m not sure. I guess I’ll be shopping around for another computer. Do any of you have a computer that you love enough to recommend? I don’t know if I should go for a desk top or a laptop? PC or Mac? I’m not having too much luck with laptops. I don’t really need It to be portable.

This picture is curtesy of Jeremys iPad. That’s what I’m typing on. Do your devices have tons of crazy head shots of your kids? I added it just to make this post somewhat interesting. It is proving very difficult to type and edit on so please excuse my errors. I’m assuming its a wordpress issue but it doesn’t like to go back and change things. It’s like the cursor won’t work unless I refresh ss the page. Which means I have to save my draft after ever sentence because I’m making that many errors.

im going to give up now and hit publish. If you don’t hear from me for a few whiles, you’ll know I’m computer shopping or at least saving my pennies so I can go computer shopping. later skater.

Technical Difficulties

Hello there. It’s me Mandagirl with renewed desire to salvage this tiny little blog.


This winter season has really kicked me in the pants. I’ve just been battling one challenge after another.

snow day

In early December in the midst of Christmas card making, my motherboard died on my Asus laptop. I had a completely and totally dead computer. Useless. Luckily, I was able to pull off all my data and save pictures and files. Instead of buying a new computer, I’ve inherited an old laptop of my husbands. It’s leftover from past employment and it’s a MacBook. It’s has taken me a while to get use to the command key being in a different spot and the way folders and trash bins and everything else works. I know there is a whole slew of Mac fans out there… I’m not quite sure where I stand. I guess it will just take time to get use to things.


I’ve also had a hard time getting use to the photoshop version on this Mac. It’s something like CS2. Ancient, I’m sure. I really miss my Elements… sigh! Again, I guess I’ll get use to it.

I’ve made a couple pages with this photoshop. No new templets yet. I’m still feeling my way around. The whole flow of creating feels different.


I tired my hand at the new craze of chalkboard font fun and loved the result. There are a slew of cool fonts and free chalkboard backgrounds on the interwebs. Which I’m sure you already knew. Google and Pinterest are my BFF’s.


New Years greeted me with a nasty cold virus that knocked me out for a solid week and it’s still lingering a bit in my chest. I had to skip all New Year celebrations due to the acute tonsillitis that was attacking me. I couldn’t swallow more than broth for 3 days. It was terrible. I can’t even describe the shooting pain in my head. My ear was screaming at me but wasn’t even infected. I’m one tough soul but this was miserable.

Technical difficulty? Yes!

lazy days

Another little technical difficulty I’ve had is my cell phone. I seem to be breaking those right and left. They’ve been swimming in my toilet and taking 30 foot drops off climbing crags.

My fault? Yes. I never said it wasn’t.

lds temple

My little motorola free phone I’ve had lately takes awful pictures. Junky colorcast images. I’ve lived with it even after I cracked up the screen but now the crack down the screen finally decided to kill the middle of the touch screen making it impossible to use. The home button and Y, G, T and M didn’t work. I just upgraded to a new shinny iphone 5c (because of a cheaper-than-I-was-paying-promotion) and I am terrified that I’ll break it in 3 months. I have to make it last for 18 mo.

Yikes, wish me luck. Especially with this little guy around.


During the switch, I forgot to get my crummy pictures off of the motorola. Problem was I couldn’t get the computer to connect to it so I could pull them off. Thanks to Dropbox I was able to save all the worthless pictures of December and half of January. Lucky you, I’m sharing them now… thus the random pictures.


Next up, I’ve been off of Mandagirl for so long that when I finally was feeling inspired to write something I couldn’t log in. My WordPress dashboard was broken somehow. I wondered if it was because of the computer switch. It took me a couple weeks (with the help of my webhost) to discover a plugin or two that needed to be updated and was freezing everything.

So… now I’m back. In full force. I’m determined to keep this site up…. stop, I hear you all laughing.

Well, there is one fact… And that fact is that I still love digital scrapbooking and I definitely want/need to keep that up. I’m 2 years behind! If I’m going to keep scrapbooking then I think I can manage to keep this blog alive. Yes?



OH NO!!! I just wrote a big long post on how our month of June is going and it’s gone. Completely gone.

I could cry. In fact, I think I will.

Ah, I was having a hard enough time sitting down to write it. Summer has just given me a big whollop on the head. Whatever that means. But it hasn’t been easy. It hasn’t been easy managing the 4 kids at home. ALL DAY LONG. They want constant friends, they want constant activities and make constant messes.

Arggg… Dear school, I secretly miss you.

It was quite unfortunate that our whole neighborhood went out of town on some fun-land-dream vacation the first week off of school and my poor kids were stuck pulling weeds and doing math facts because their mommy is trying to add some sort of structure to their day.

“I’m so bored” is all I’ve heard all month long dispite my efforts to go swimming and plan little park dates and such.

Spoiled rotten, I dare say. Is it all my fault?

Please forgive my sour attitude. It’s all because my lovely, sweet, well thought out post is has disappeared in stupid wordpress save-draft land. I clicked save draft and now it’s gone.

Here is a cute photo of Sam to cheer us all up.


It’s almost been a full month since I’ve written. Getting started back up again is going to be hard but I must.

Happy Easter


Hello everyone. My kiddos woke up so excited to go on their Easter egg hunt this morning. What a delightful thing it is to be a kid. I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter Sunday.


Here’s my little rag-a-muffins in their Easter outfits. This photo shoot wasn’t much different than any others. Crazy faces, uncooperative babies and it was over before I knew it. Why do I try?




Oh yea, it was lots of fun too.

IMG_0427 b

Ps. This weather has been absolutely divine. Hello Spring!