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Template 99

Hello there! How is January treating you? There are only 3 day left in January I’m determined to come out on top. We have had another round of sickness at our house and I’m very tired of it. I am keeping my spirits up though despite all the little fevered bodies laying about the house and the terrible headache I’ve had for days. I’m not willing to sink into another funk over the flu. The end is in sight soon enough.

I’ve managed to find a little bit of scrapbooking time and I’ve made a new template to share. I hope you like it and can find it useful.

Download it here.


Here are my pages I’ve created with it. Oh how I wish it was camping season around here!

13 camping

13 camping b

Happy scrapbooking.

Road Trip and a Funeral


Hello darlings! I’m terribly sorry to leave up such a depressing post for so long. I am feeling much better these days despite the smoggy weather and head colds we are still suffering. Really I am. Let’s move on shall we.

Over the weekend I was able to travel to Vernal, Utah. It’s a nostalgic place for me. I use to travel there ever summer of my childhood. We’d go camping in the Uinta Mountains near there for a family reunion and I’d get to know lots of my distant relatives. Such fun times and such great family. My sweet great uncle Jack has passed on and we had such a nice funeral for him. He was a World War II vet and was given honors at his services. It was wonderful!


The gun shots and bugle touched my heart like nothing else.

Vernal funeral


On the drive, it was amazing when we left the smog and inversion of Salt Lake Valley and came up out of the clouds on top of the mountains near Park City. Oh, the blue sky! I couldn’t believe it. I wish I’d taken pictures for you to compare. It was a like a sparkly heavenly world. The sun was shining and sparkling on the snow like glitter. The thought of the air quality back at home made me absolutely sick. Ugh.

Road trips can be so much fun. I traveled with my parents and sister. On the way home we played a fun guessing game in the car to make the time pass more quickly. I certainly had flash backs to being a kid. There was nothing but giggles. There is something funny about driving in the back seat of a car as a grown adult.

Vernal funeral

That’s it for now. I hope you all are doing well and keeping warm during this bitterly cold winter.

Auction for Operation Pay for the Hole

Hello lovely people! Thank you, thank you for all the purchase that have been made here at Mandagirl during the past week. 100% of all of your purchases are going to go towards helping my sister pay for her heart surgery. Thank you, thank you.

My sale is still going on. Get 20% off your purchase when you spend $5.00 or more. Enter For Jessica at check out.

My sister’s friends have got an auction up and running. Go check it out and see if you can check off some of your Christmas gifts. I have my eye on a Cross Body Bag, a Kid’s Tub Gift Set, a Knitted Hat, and Emma would die over this Origami Locket Set. My cute momma donated some sewn goodness too.




{Sorry for the the super grainy photo. The room was quite dark. But look at the little thumb sucker I’ve got!}

Nap time never is long enough around here.

When I lay my sweet boy down for a nap I look around the house at all the things I should be doing. Laundry, dishes, bathrooms. I then fall on the couch in pure exhaustion and frustration and come up with something else to do.

How about working on my new, shiny Template shop?

I’ve just finished uploading all of my old templates that I had up for sell in my old cart. I had a bit of a road bump with my files and my new hosting company and now that that is all resolved it should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Instead of uploading every singe template I’ve ever made I lumped them into groups of ten and am calling them my numbered templates. I know that most of you, my faithful fellow digi scrappers, (I love you all!) have most of these but if someone new comes along… well, there they are.

Now that my shop is up and running well, I plan to get some good quality scrapbooking time in. I promise.

That is if Sam will stay asleep.

This and That

Hello friends! I survived the first week of school and the kids did too.

I’ve been plenty busy without my big kids at home. Between sitting for friends, running errands and chasing Leah around the neighborhood, this past week has flown by.

Uhhh... they told me they were spies and spies in training. ??

One of my goals this fall is to get out and hike once a week or so. I have convinced a few friends from my church to do it with me. I think it should be great exercise for getting off some of my leftover baby weight. Strapping my getting-more-and-more-chubby-by-the-minute Sam on my back and walking up a steep mountain trail feels like some sort of Stair Stepper from Heck type of workout. I can’t help but huff and puff and drip buckets of sweat while everyone else looks like they’ve been on a nice afternoon stroll.

When I get to the top I always love it and know it was worth it. Yes, I’m hoping to do this weekly.

Discovering a secret little canyon with my climbing/hiking friend. It's so beautiful but isn't it too early for fall colors?

My little Sam is growing so fast. Yesterday he reached out and grabbed a hold of my cleaning bucket that he was sitting next to. He had a great look of concentration on his face. Such an accomplishment for the little guy. I felt like applauding.

He also has discovered his thumb/fingers. I have really mixed feelings about raising a thumb sucker. I was one myself and was such a happy kid, but for obvious reasons, it’s not the best habit to form. Hum, what to do?


I’ve also been trying to get my site and template shop up and running. I’ve spent hours on the computer without making much progress. I found a WordPress plugin that is a free shopping cart, jigoshop, that should work for me. It will take some time tweaking it, though, until I’m satisfied and fully up and running.

Could you click on my template shop link and tell me if you can see my 4 products on the page or not? On my end, things appear to be broken but maybe not on your end.

My big sister, who it totally awesome sauce, has created a Discover Africa Notebook packet for homeschool. Apparently it’s hard to find a comprehensive collection of the whole continent and all the countries there, so she went ahead and made her own. I told you she was awesome sauce. If you are a homeschooler or just one super duper momma that wants to teach her kids about Africa, go check it out.

Love it when they are sleeping

Our big fort turned into a big swimming pool of pillows perfect for jumping into.

When it came time to clean it up, the kids declared it to be the best setting for a sibling sleepover.


Might as well take advantage of these last few summer nights.

Broken website

Sorry ya’ll. I have been switching over to a new hosting company and we hit a few speed bumps. My website has been broken for a few days and now it’s up again but looking mighty ugly. Give me another day or so to look pretty and put together again.

This week

I had a birthday! Shout hurray!

I should be a little embarrassed to post this picture, but oh well. At least Leah is a cute little blow-out-the-candles-helper.

Happy birthday to me and my country. Thank you Leah for helping me blow out my candles.

To celebrate, I wanted to have a nice little picnic up the canyon with my family. We found a pretty little picnic spot up my one of my favorite canyons. It was private, surrounded by trees and next to a mountain stream. The kids had a blast cooling off in the water and building a little fairy village on the banks. My mom brought up an awesome birthday dinner spread and we feasted and enjoyed the much cooler mountain air. I wish I had more pictures from the evening.

*** *** ***

My other birthday wish was to go mountain biking. I haven’t been since before I was pregnant and I was worried about how I’d do cranking up the hill. I woke up super early, fed my little Sam and hit the trail. I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise.

(This Mormon Temple sits right at the trail head.)

Early morning bike ride in corner canyon. Check out that sky!

I was completely beat by the ride. I had to huff and puff during the climb up but, of course, still loved the swooshing downhill ride. The rest of the day I spent in a recovery position.

*** *** ***

We also had a nice Independence Day celebration. We spent the hot afternoon at the water slides. I spent most of the time in the shade with Sam but Emma did persuade me to join her on the sides once.

{imagine picture of my cute sun-kissed kids splashing in the water}

In the evening we went to our neighborhood’s annual BBQ and fireworks gathering. It’s always fun to eat good food and sit around and chat. It got exciting, though, when we were in the middle of watching our pool of fireworks go off when I looked over to see an 80 year old man who lives down the street and around the corner standing over and hollering at one of my neighbors. I didn’t know what was going on but watched in jaw dropping shock as the yelling escalated. The old man finally got back in his car and on his way out of the cul-de-sac, drove over a spouting fountain of fireworks. Luckily the car didn’t burst into flames but a couple different neighbors stopped him for his reckless driving (they were worried about the safety of their kids) and more yelling began and eventually very loud cursing.

{imagine picture of grown men in a yelling brawl each being help back by another grown man. Yes, imagine something you saw in middle school. Ha!}

After all the drama was over I found out that the old man was upset because his poor horse was having hysterics and he was mad at us for having loud fireworks. I guess it happened last year too but we had been out of town. Poor guy. I do feel bad for him but HELLO!! It’s the 4th of July. Loud fireworks were going off ALL OVER THE CITY COUNTRY. I’m really sorry about his horse but what could we do about it? If we stopped, there were still fireworks going off just around the block.

My dog hates the fireworks too. All animals do. We came home to a panting, running-mad-all-over-the-house dog. Do you have an animal that hate the fireworks? Do you do anything to calm them down? What can you do for a horse?

*** *** ***

It is a little surprising we were allowed to have fireworks at all.

Smoke from the Alpine fire a few days ago.

I snapped this picture while I was out running errands the other day. That is smoke, not clouds. Utah has been riddled with wild fires. It has been a super dry and hot summer this year. These mountains can be viewed from my kitchen sink. Crazy, huh! Luckily it rained yesterday which helped. It was a real good rain too. An answer to prayers!

My photoshoot with Sam

Yesterday Sam turned one month old. I thought I’d better try to get some newborn style type shots of him before he gets too much older. Here are some of my favorites.

I had fun editing the photos in photoshop. My babies skin is always so red looking. Is that how it is with all newborns? I tried making him look more natural and creamy looking but it made the white blankets look creamy too. I never know if I overdo it in photoshop.

IMG_0427 copy

I started with him awake and naked like the pros do but he wasn’t too happy about it and I couldn’t get very good shots.


So then I swaddled him up real good, feed him well, got him asleep and plopped him down in front of the window for some good light.


He was surprisingly compliant and I wondered why I hadn’t tried this before. I even captured some cute little sleep smiles.


This one is a full on grin. What could he possibly be dreaming about? creamy milk?


I am not a photographer but I certainly have fun trying to be.


I don’t have a fancy camera so I just used my iphone. I’m sure the quality is not as good as it should be but what can I do about that? I don’t have an extra $500+ sitting around. I’m not even sure where my point and shoot is anyway.


What a sweet boy. Love you Sam.