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I’m a case

Today I was working on taping up my board and batten wall. Lost track of time and when I looked out the window and saw the neighbor boy coming home from school I realized I’d forgotten to pick up the carpool at school. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 1:53! Emma and the kids get off at 1:10! I couldn’t believe they hadn’t called me but I’ve been having them walk down the road a little bit so I don’t have to deal with all the traffic at pick up. They probably didn’t want to walk back to the school.

I threw the littles in the car and started driving away when the other mom called me wondering where her kids were at. When I told her I’d forgot, she just laughed at me.

I found them walking home. They’d made it about a mile out of the 1.5 walk home. Of course when I picked them up they gave me the business. “We are so mad! What’s your excuse? I can’t believe you forgot us!”

I told I’d take them to get ice cream cones to make it up to them. I drove all the way to Arctic Circle and realized I didn’t have my purse because I had ran out in such a hurry.

I turned around (while listening to all their exclamations)  and drove back home and grabbed my purse.

I then drove back to Arctic Circle and ordered cones for all the kids. Got to the window and realized I didn’t have my wallet. It was sitting at home by my computer because I had been budgeting my remodeling receipts last night. The lady at the window laughed at me and I told her I’d have to come back.  I could barely believe it myself.

Drove back home (while listening to all their exclamations which were even more outragous) grabbed my wallet and drove back to get the ice cream cones.

Drove home in peace while everyone had ice cream in their mouths. I almost drove straight into our circle and forgot to drop the boys off until Emma said “The Boys!” I quickly corrected and finally dropped off the carpool.

Where is my brain today?

All this happened while I was bra-less, barefoot, hair in a mop top and sporting my hot pink Victoria secret pajama set.

It’s a baby boy

We had an ultra sound this past weekend and everything looks great with our baby.

There was no doubt as to his gender. The sonographer joked that he’ll come out a boy unless his parts shrivel up or fall off somehow.

baby gender

His little face was buried in my placenta so it was hard to get a good face shot. Here is his profile.

baby profile

His little legs were swimming all over the place. It’s always fun to see them kick and feel them kick at the same time.

baby legs

This little guy was frank breech. I know it’s not time to worry about having a breech baby yet (plenty of time to turn) but he’s my third baby in this position. I must like to cook them head up. I’m going to have to start thinking about doing pelvic tilt exercises (again) and visiting a chiropractor so he doesn’t get stuck head up like his biggest sister.

Fun stuff. We’ve got a little pattern going on here. Girl, boy, girl, boy.

Merry Christmas

This little video touched my heart. We’ve been doing the usual hustle and bustle over here so it’s good to have a little reminder about this wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Have you ever?

Have you ever…

seen frost quite like this?


This was my backyard on the 15th. I’d never seen anything quite like it and it lasted all morning because the sun couldn’t power through the thick, low clouds. My mom, who lives 10 minutes away, had nothing like it at her house.


I mean a real full on faint. I had my first experience with it when I was kneeling in the temple listening to a dear, sweet old man share some of his wisdom to me and Jeremy. I was listening to him though I was really uncomfortable and wanted to sit down. I felt a hot flash coming and then a sense of queasiness. I thought about the location of the nearest garbage can and hoped that I could make it there in time. I then felt that tingly feeling of blood rushing to my head and tongue, kinda like a head rush after standing up real quick. I closed my eyes and titled my head forward in order to let the head rush past.

I then had a sense of relief and forgot about being uncomfortable.

Perhaps I had a dream or went somewhere else. Someone called my name, I think it was Jeremy and I said “What?” like he had just awakened me from a nap and I didn’t want to be bothered.  When I looked around  I could see a beautiful gold trimmed ceiling and sweet old man that I didn’t remember, kneeling over me.  I had no idea where I was. Jeremy could tell by the look on my face that I was completely confused and trying to figure things out. How I ended up on the floor was a mystery until someone complimented Jeremy on his nice catch.

Then I remembered where I was and what I had been doing. I was pretty embarrassed but recovered quickly with a glass of water. I was only out for 3 or 4 seconds but had felt like it had been hours and had lost all memory of where I was. What a crazy experience that was!

had to clean up after a child who ran down the hall vomiting on the carpet as they went running for your help?

I just did and it wasn’t pretty. In fact I’m really hoping this isn’t how my Christmas turns out.

reupholstered a wing back chair?



I’m just getting started with this project and I’m surprised how long it is taking just to take the chair apart. I’m being super careful because I was to reuse most things and use the fabric as a pattern but, sheesh, after millions and millions of staples my hands get pretty tired.

witnessed a birth of a child other than your own?



My sweet little sister just had her first baby. She went in for a scheduled induction due to her Cholestasis at 37 weeks. She only needed Cytotec gel to put her into labor which was a miracle in and of itself because she wanted a natural child birth. It was such a wonder to watch her handle her contractions. I just loved being there and couldn’t help but be touched in my heart over it all. In just 6 hours, she pushed her tiny baby girl into the world. Miracle, I tell you!

My strange baby bump

If you were wondering why my Sept and Oct postings were so few and awful you can now say “Oh, that makes sense. She must have been busy puking her brains out!” or perhaps you’ll think, “Gosh, I had my suspicions!”

So yes, I’m expecting our forth baby. It’s so odd to make an announcement over the internet, I know, but there really is no other way. I’ve been putting it off because it seems so weird. I’m due around the end of May although I’m not expecting this baby to arrive until the first week of June according to my previous history of lateness. So that makes me 15 weeks right now and I’m feeling so much better now that I’m into my second trimester.

Since I’m on the subject, I have some crazy, wild pictures to share. Now remember, I’m only 15 weeks. Actually, I took these photos last week on Thanksgiving day so I was technically 14 wks and 4 days along. I’m not showing at all other than my expanding love handles due to so much snacking.

Let me give you some background. These pictures were taken in the morning right when I woke up. My stomach is empty and my bladder if FULL. I also slept on this particular night on my right side.

Please don’t be grossed out.


I tried to get multiple angles/shots for the full effect. I’m completely lopsided.


Now, this baby bump isn’t very big. It feels like I have a grape fruit in my abdomin. This isn’t the normal lopsided baby belly of 30+ weeks. I haven’t even felt the baby move yet. This bump has to be my uterus being pushed up from my full bladder…

because… here’s the best part, when I get up, go to the ladies room, come back and lay back down…


GONE. Nothing left but some belly fat. My baby bump has disappeared into the depths of my pelvis, guts or whatever else is inside of me, hidden again until the next morning.

Crazy, eh? Have any of you experienced anything like this so early in your pregnancy?

Black Friday 2011

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday. We certainly did. I ate mountains of mashed potatoes and sampled every single pie I could. Delish.

Now it’s time to turn our focus to Christmas shopping and finding all those great black Friday deals.

While you are at it, make sure to stop by my shop because I’m having my annual black Friday sale and everything is 40% off with the code mandasblackfriday. I’m only running it on Friday (midnight to midnight) so make some time to snag some templates. They’ll make your life easier.


Happy shopping!

Hip hip hurray for Jeremy


It’s Jeremy’s birthday today and I’m wish I could… do something… huge, wonderful, amazing.

2011-08 (Aug)

Instead I’m making a lame-o collage of him in picasa.

His birthday wish was for me to not spend any money on him.

How unexciting.

So I’m left with my own resources which includes a homemade card and his favorite lasagna dinner and (if he’s lucky) some blue berry muffins might be included.

There’s not even a cake. What a winner wife I am.

Happy birthday, honey. Love you!

Happy Halloween

This year wasn’t such a good year for Halloween costumes. No family themed costumes here (but if you’re looking to be inspired for next year, you can check out some all-star ones here).

I put as little effort into ours as possible.


How sad. Isaac was Batman last year, and Leah’s pink poodle is a hand me down from Emma. The nice thing is that neither Isaac or Leah cared a snitch. In fact, Leah was in heaven. She thought being “Super Puppy” was the coolest thing ever and wore it a solid two weeks before Halloween.


Emma is old enough to know that we didn’t buy or make a new costume this year and most of her friends did. She was a bit disappointed with having to use something from home. In the end, though, I think she might admit that she was quite happy with her witch costume. Especially the make-up part.


If you are ever in need of some bright Halloween face makeup, considering using markers. They work very well! Just plan on scrubbing faces thoroughly for the next 3 baths. Ha!

Enjoying October

Life is pretty crazy around here. Just signing in to say that I’m still alive and kick’n. We’ve been able to get out a bit and enjoy the nice fall weather.


I’m working on a real post so stay tuned.