Welcome to my website

My sister just set me up with this super cool website. I’m pumped about it but I’m brand new to the blogging world so stick with me until I get a handle on things. I’m supposed to write something to welcome you. Hello. I’m Amanda.

I guess you all want to know something about me… I look 16 even though I’m 27. I’m a mother of two so I look like I either got in trouble in high school or I’m the nanny. If the kids are acting up at the grocery store I start yelling… I’m just the NANNY!

My new obsession is Digital scrapbooking, but when I’m not doing that I prefer being  out of doors… climbing, boarding, biking, swimming or on anything that moves fast and exposes you to sunlight.

If you are coming over from kerflop… I am not my sisters twin… we are like black and white in fact… my shoe size is only a 7 and she can waterski with her kickers. Oh wait, she doesn’t waterski, she sits on her bum in front of the mac. Overall, I love her but I’m glad we are in separate states (no offense, sis… but no one can get a word in edge wise when you are around.)

Ps. the snot thing is true